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Go to Girl Networking Night - Auckland


Hey ladies! We're so excited to see you for an evening of inspiration and connections for your business.  People always rave about the 'vibe' of these events and we'd love YOU to be part of it!

We'll start with a power hour of Networking (nibbles & drinks provided), a group photo and then some inspirational speakers followed by another hour of networking!

I'm thrilled to have the hilarious best-selling author, Speaker & Nutritionist Claire Turnbull and the thought-provoking International Business coach, mentor + trainer Jasmine Platt and the entertaining and honest Laurel McLay as our guest speakers. These girls and I will be sharing insights and stories on self-sabotage vs self-care in life and business.

If you're a woman in business or a blogger, we would love to see you there for an evening of invaluable connections & inspiration for your life & business.

When: Thursday 26th October *doors open 7pm

Where: ABC: 300 Great South Rd, Greenlane, AUCKLAND *beside Parenting place

Here's how it's gonna roll:

7pm pm arrive & networking

7:30 pm official welcome & group photo

8pm sit down & speakers 

9pm Networking

9:30pm finish

*Ladies in the monthly or annual Go to Girl Membership get 10% discount on their ticket - promo code in fb group.

Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka the Go to Girl is an International speaker, author, motherhood mentor, impact entrepreneur and mother of 3 who loves helping women to have a thriving business while still looking after YOU.  Her area of expertise? Helping you with connections, collaborations & courage. 

Claire is a qualified nutritionist who has been working in the health and wellness industry for over 14 years. As well as being the Nutritionist for Healthy Food Guide magazine and regularly featuring on TV, radio and print media, Claire is also the owner and director of the private nutrition practice and corporate wellness company Mission Nutrition.

She's also a mum, yoga lover, professional speaker, has published two best sellers with penguin random house: Lose Weight for Life and Feel Good for Life and she has also recently released a wellness diary called ‘It’s a beautiful day’.

Jasmine Platt is a coach, mentor + trainer. Among others, she works with female entrepreneurs to help them to create what matters to them. She is an expert on structural dynamics - a subject she says has a ' super boring title' but that is 'insanely powerful' in helping people and businesses to set their goals up to succeed - and how to not sabotage themselves in the process. You can visit her blog at

Laurel McLay is an author, speaker and coach and amazing connector!  She lights up the room with her energy and has had some honest reflections as of late about letting go, allowing tings to take their course and being truly happy. 

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